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Impossible? Not With the Magic of Web 2.0, PHP, and JavaScript! Grab Your Fair Share of These Site Building Secrets and Turn the Weakest Points of Your Web Business Into the Strongest Ones!

It doesn't matter if you have a sales site or content site, without an edge to stand out from the crowd, your site is going to constantly underperform your competition.

If you really want to get the most mileage out of your visitors...

  • Getting traffic to your site is not enough.
  • Placing an order link at the bottom of a page is not enough.
  • Setting up an autoresponder form is not enough!

I'm Robert Plank, a college graduate and author of over a dozen PHP how-to books. My latest video package -- "Sonic PHP" -- shows you how to make the most of your existing traffic.

These scripts I provide can plug right into your web site and, if you want, you can customize them to match your site in a matter of minutes. Every script comes with:

  • Full source code so you can tweak the script or even develop it into your own software product.
  • Detailed 5 to 10 step by step tutorial of how I made the script, so you can modify it on your own (optional) or hand it off to a programmer.
  • A complete how-to video showing the script in action so even if you are COMPLETELY ILLERATE, you can use PHP to enhance your web site and skyrocket conversion rates.

Don't worry, you don't have to learn PHP. These scripts are thoroughly explained and as plug-and-play as possible.

Video #1: Abolish Hijacked Clickbank Affiliate Links With Just A Few Lines Of Code And Rescue Stolen Commissions -- Whether You're A Vendor Or An Affiliate -- This Really Adds Up!

  • Are you losing valuable affiliate commissions every day without realizing it?
  • As an affiliate, do you cloak your outgoing links to prevent others from hijacking your affiliate link (stealing your commission) or simply bypassing it altogether?
  • As a vendor, are you hiding the affiliate ID to make your affiliate partners feel safe?
  • Similar scripts sold by Jim Edwards and Mike Filsaime for $59 elsewhere!
  • Running time: 8 minutes, 51 seconds

Video #2: Read Your Visitors' Minds With A Simple Feedback Machine

  • Gather testimonials, anonymous suggestions, or sales letter feedback so you can provide the information your niche really wants instead of what you're GUESSING they want.
  • Many times more responsive than any standard FormMailer script out there!
  • Similar script sold by Paul Hancox for $30 elsewhere!
  • Running time: 10 minutes, 34 seconds

Video #3: Establish Scarcity By Limiting The Number Of Sales Of A Particular Product

  • Show the number of sales remaining to get indecisive buyers to make a quick decision.
  • Alternatively, show your product's popularity by counting the number of times it's been downloaded.
  • Works just as well with paid or free products.
  • Similar script sold by Karl Warren for $30 elsewhere!
  • Running time: 14 minutes, 27 seconds

Video #4: The Biggest Mistake Content Sites Make With Offsite Links

  • How you can re-capture visitors that otherwise would have escaped from your clutches forever.
  • Simple "drop-in" solution to allow visitors to return to your site or subscribe to updates with one click -- even if they clicked away hours ago!
  • Script not available anywhere else!
  • Running time: 14 minutes, 16 seconds

Hi Robert

Mieke Janssens Let me start by saying your publications have been of extreme value to me and my online biz (Thanks to you Iwas able to create '1-2-3 Dimesale', PanicOTO', 'AutoLaunchPro' etc.). A giant 'thank you' for that!

And Sonic PHP is no different. :o) I've got the 'Link-Away' script installed on my JV Giveaways Directory page at NewJVGiveaways.com.

It's a great way to get people to come back to my directory again, instead of forgetting all about it when bumping into another list of ongoing JV Giveaways. I've only got it installed for two days, but I'm pretty sure it will increase my number of referrals significantly.

Thanks again! ;o)

Mieke Janssens


I have a number of favorites in the Sonic PHP set but the ones I use most are the Frame Brander and Reverse Squeeze. The Frame Brander in particular helps me get every last drop of value out of each visitor, whether they're still on my site or gone off hunting elsewhere!


Video #5: Turn Free, Syndicated Content Feeds Into A High-Profit Marketing Machine With An RSS Popup.

  • Keep your site fresh in the search engines with hands-free updating WITHOUT the usual traffic leaks!
  • Cause external links to be opened in a small pop-up window with your site still in the background, waiting your visitor's return.
  • Running time: 9 minutes, 22 seconds

Video #6: Highlight The Keywords Visitors Used To Find Your Site

  • Help researchers get the information they're looking for faster to keep them on your site longer.
  • Just as effective in improving visitor relations with article sites as it is for long sales pages scrolling into oblivion.
  • Running time: 9 minutes, 3 seconds

Video #7: Find Out What The Heck A Reverse Squeeze Page Is And How You Can Use It To Build A Tightly Targeted List Of Follow-Up Leads, Eager To Buy From You

  • For content sites: Show a handful of pages of free content before asking the visitor to subscribe to your newsletter to be advised of updates.
  • For sales sites: Present your sales message for a limited number of visits before asking the prospect to subscribe to a follow-up series.
  • Quickly drops into any existing site in seconds.
  • Similar scripts sold by Mike Steup and John Taylor for $37 elsewhere!
  • Running time: 7 minutes, 14 seconds


John Taylor Thank you so much for including the "reverse squeeze page" script in your Sonic PHP product.

I used the original code from the package on a couple of sites and I really liked the concept. However, I have a lot of niche blogs so I passed it on to a coder to convert into a Wordpress plugin.

Having tested the plugin on some of my blogs I decided to make the script available to other bloggers. So far it's generated over $3,500 in pure profit. :-)

John Taylor

With This Guide You Can Turn Your Site Around Within The Next Hour (or Two) and Upgrade From Mediocre Clickthru Rates to Incredible Sales Numbers.

If you can't bear a more responsive mailing list that buys from you every time you send out an e-mail, stop reading and don't get this package.

Improving your web business just became as easy as watching TV.

Package Contents

  • 38 page PDF book
  • 7 PHP scripts with full source code
  • 74 minute step by step Camtasia video
  • Download Size: 72 MB

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